The EzCOITrackertm Story

At EzCOITrackertm we realize that as a property manager, ensuring that your owner/tenants have the correct and updated insurance is a very challenging task. EzCOITrackertm makes that process simple by saving you the time associated with the burden of daily Certificate of Insurance administration and by helping you avoid unnecessary claims against your master policy. Let us show you how our innovative approach can add to your bottom line.

  • EzCOITrackertm continuously monitors your tenants insurance to ensure they are in compliance with the insurance terms and conditions you outlined in your lease agreement

  • EzCOITrackertm monitors for correct coverage, limits and endorsements

  • EzCOITrackertm automatic notification and reporting keeps you informed and places you in a better position to proactively address any NON-COMPLIANT scenarios - before they become an issue

  • EzCOITrackertm  automatically communicates with your tenants and assists in the process of making sure they are in compliance with your requirements and stay in compliance

  • Your tenants can use the Insurance Company of their choice

Our Founding

The EzCOITrackertm is a St. Peters, Missouri based company founded by a team of professionals with 146 years of experience in the Insurance, Financial Services and I/T industries. Our staff has helped many property owners, investors, and property managers address their personal and commercial insurance and compliance needs in the apartment / condo complex industry and through his interactions recognized the challenge they face in managing the insurance requirements of their tenants. The EzCOITrackertm was launched to help property managers manage this burdensome process more efficiently.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Sue Giesler

Chief Operating Officer

Sue joins EzCOITrackerTM  as the Chief Operating Officer, bringing with her 40+ years of technology, management and service operations experience. Sue and her team are responsible for coordinating the acquisition of tenant Certificate of Insurances (COI), comparison of these COI coverages against your complex requirements, tracking and certifying renewals to ensure continuous coverage and generating reports to assist you in understanding your tenants’ compliance against your complex terms. 

2_Arbogast_Image (1)

David Arbogast

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer for EzCOITracker, David brings more than 25 years of technical and I.T. leadership experience.  Having previously led technology groups in financial, real estate, defense, retail and healthcare industries David has the experience necessary to move quickly and delivery solid solutions.  Having served as global CTO in the finance industry, he delivered modern cloud-based solutions leveraging machine learning and A.I. to automate complicated tasks.  Accuracy, efficiency and automation are hallmarks of sound technology solutions for EzCOI Tracker.

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